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Who's behind all this? And why?



As an industrial and jewellery designer, having spent my childhood in Yemen, studying at the University of the Arts in Berlin and working in the luxury goods segment, I experienced very different approaches in people’s material and immaterial value sets. 

While researching for a design project, I once asked my parents to name me five values they believed in.  Immediately I had to laugh. Their answers were both totally different to each other, contrary but fitted to their personalities, lifestyles and beliefs. A Yemeni business man and a German artist from different parts and mentalities of the world.


How ‘value’  and ‘values’ are understood and generated across cultures consciously got hold of me ever since.  

What do you personally value?

What matters most in your life?

Lina Saleem Jewels are stimulating symbolic pieces of jewellery reminding us of our core values:

trust  -  mindfulness  -  easiness

far-sightedness  -  tolerance  -  inner peace


It is not just about a brand,

it is about you, about us,

about our focus in life on our planet earth.


There is plenty of symbolism in every culture around the world about the eye:

Many cultures around the globe have the symbol of a third eye. Additionally to our observing physical eyes, the inner eye stands for the feeling and inner perception process of our bodies and minds. In Arabic cultures there is the evil eye which guards us against evil greed. In Indian mythology as a gate it leads to the inner consciousness. Buddhist regard the third eye as the “eye of consciousness”. In Chinese Taoism the “mind’s eye” teaches on practicing to gain a more advanced meditative state.

We have an organ, called the pineal gland or called the parietal eye which modulates our sleep patterns. There are probably even more exciting parallels.


In the end what matters here, is our inner focus.

Let us open our third eye

to get a glimpse inside of us,

to feel, focus and remember

what really matters!

We want you to sparkle from the inside & outside.

lina saleem jewels 3rd eye symbol
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