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Size Guide

you are unique

Check before buying

Everybody is unique in their body curves and edges. Isn't that beautiful?

So each photograph of a model wearing a jewel will always be a very very rough idea of the size of the piece on your body. Therefore we advise you to read the product description carefully and test the size before placing an order.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us for further advice.

Ring Size

Visit a local jeweler

The easiest way to measure your ring size is to visit a local jeweler around your corner. If you are in Freiburg you can contact us for a personal measurement at our atelier.

Measure a ring by yourself

Please do not put rings on a printed chart or put any kind of ribbon around your finger. It might be too inaccurate. You can take a picture of a ring you already own from the top view with a ruler behind and mail it to us.

Plan where to wear your new ring

As each finger on each hand has a different size please plan ahead where you would like to wear your new jewel. Additionally each person has a preference how tight they like to wear a ring.

Measuring during common temperature

Fingers do change their size during different temperatures, while pregnancy or on mountain tops in greater heights. In hot weather the fingers tend to get slightly swollen, which increases their size.While in the cold temperatures the fingers shrink. Therefore we recommend to avoid extreme temperature conditions while measuring your finger.

Finger knuckles

Many fingers tend to have thicker knuckles. You have to be able to pull the ring tight when passing your knuckles and normally it has some movement at the base of your finger. 

If you have questions please feel free to contact us for further advice.

Chain Length

We are all unique in our shape and every body has different curves & edges. 

Take a ruler or measuring tape to cut a thin non elastic thread to the same length as the necklace or bracelet will be (see product description). Hold it around your neck or wrist to have an idea how long the necklace or bracelet will be.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us for further advice.

Ear jewels

Take a ruler and check the size of the product description. Put the size roughly on a piece of paper, cut it out and hold the piece of paper to your ears while having a look into a mirror - just to have an idea of how large the piece will be.

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