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'Health' is a holistic value and one of the main goals Lina Saleem Jewels is striving for.

endless sea landscape symbolising there is no planet B by lina saleem jewels

'Healthy' means ethical, sustainable and long lasting in the design process, the sourcing of materials, the production, the shipment and the service.

The focus is on healthy and biocompatible materials. Precious materials are used, like silver, gold and natural gemstones with classical & long-lasting stone settings. Recycling precious metals has been a very common process in the jewellery production - so it is nothing new. Still, our chosen German refinery only uses 2nd Hand metals, which is a first step. It is a constant process to optimize every possible step to a fair and climate neutral production.

In sourcing natural gemstones, I still have a beautiful collection of gemstones from the time I spent in Idar-Oberstein, the German city of sparkling gemstones.

When sourcing new stones I purchase natural fair trade coloured gemstones.

Every piece of jewellery is handmade in Germany.

Let us value

not machine perfection

but the aesthetic of

human traces!

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