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The Six Values

Live your values!


Your piece of jewellery helps to stimulate and remind you

of what really matters in your very personal life

to follow your inner peace and well being.

haute couture gloves with feathers by lina saleem jewels symbolising inner peace


Value = far-sightedness • WIDE BIRD • fly!

Imagine you're a bird, flying and sailing in the vast wideness of the sky. What are your visions?


What a great opportunity to observe your world from the birds eye's perspective. Think long term, about your love, your family, about friends & about fresh air we all want to breath now and in the future.


Let the wide bird remind you or your beloved one of your value 'far-sightedness'.

Value = tolerance • SEA FOREST • root!

Imagine you're a mangrove tree, rooting inside the salty harsh sea water into the muddy ground with tickling fish and fertile sea fruits. Above you the sunny blue sky.


Despite the turmoil of life or harsh conditions we live in, there is always the sunny side to it.


Let the sea forest remind you or your beloved one to tolerate your surrounding, the differentness and in the same time to value the fertile diversity.




inner peace

Value = inner peace • SILENT BLOSSOM • bloom!

Imagine you're a blossom, a lotus or a clover. When your petals open up to bloom, your inner peace unfolds. Take a look, do you recognise your peace symbol?


Day in, day out we do our best to be well-balanced. To find out what decisions feel good is sometimes a challenge. Take your time to reflect and find some silence to bloom.


Let the silent blossom remind you or your beloved one to open up the petals of your intuition, to find your inner peace.

Value = mindfulness • FANTASTIC FOX • watch!

Imagine you're a fox in a busy city. First attentively observing your surrounding, then mindfully selecting your true needs. First watch carefully, then jump and get it, you fantastic smart little fox!


Concentration, attentiveness and mindfulness are always the first steps to intelligence - emotionally & practically.


Let the Fantastic Fox remind you or your beloved one to experience life with mindfulness.





Value = trust • GOLDEN FISH • swim!

Imagine you're a fish, swimming

between your trusted shoal.


In relationships of all kinds, trust is always the main value that shapes our daily life, being able to open up & show our true vulnerable being to our trusted self of trusted beloved ones.


Let the golden fish remind you or your beloved one of your value 'trust'!

Value = easiness • MAGIC MONKEY • CLIMB!

Imagine you're a monkey on a mountain rock or better in the juicy jungle. Climb up the trees, hang loose and dance between the branches. Enjoy!


Sometimes we take ourselves too serious. Climb up the tree, hold tight to the joys of life for a while.


Let the magic monkey remind you or your beloved one of your value 'easiness'!



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